About Us

We are Marty and Eric Nederhorst and our dog Lucca of 5 years.

We have lived in Beaumont for 8 years, we enjoy our farm “a Castillon” and the Gite every year.

Our farm and the Gite are beautifully situated on a large plot of 13,000 m2. After a total renovation of the farm we were able to live in our farm in 2012. The Gite was also totally rebuilt and adapted during that time.

We like to rent our farm of over 200m2 and Gite of 85m2, the temperature is wonderful and there is much to do in the area.

It is laid-back here, pleasant atmosphere, excellent place to unwind. We wish everyone who comes here, a lot of fun and a great time.

We are always available as a hostess and host.